Renovering av Solö 25 lyx från 1970

                               Information for Solö lyx III s/n 1672   from 1970

In the fall of 2013 work began on the purchase of Solö lux III from 1970. I found this empty hull, which is then built up to the original version. There were some parts that could be used in the boat from the original. primarily these were doors, chairs, windows and molded fittings. The hull with engine bed and stern reinforcements was redesigned. The boat was delivered to the customer on May 5, 1970. The serial number is 1672 on the boat.

Engine from the beginning was a Volvo Penta AQD32A. The weight and size of the new engine VP D3-140 is almost exact with the previous engine. New transom reinforcement and new engine mounts were built with some modifications in the stern that allowed waterproof spaces.

With only a few details that you can see how the boat was built from the beginning, this beauty was created. Only the image from the brochure has been the basis for the re-creation. No drawings from this time were available for the boat model. As far as it went, the boat has got the original look. Some modifications to the structure of the superstructure have been made to create better resistance to water ingress into the structure. The boat has been equipped with parts from Storebro boat. It is glass and porcelain which in four parts fit the boat’s original holder in kitchen area.

Cushions and chapels are made after finishing the finished boat.

Equipment in the boat is electric toilet with septic tank. Running cold and hot water. The stove is of a new model and is powered by diesel which also gets warmer for the cockpit under the canopy. The boat was launched after renovation on the day 49 years after the first delivery which was May 5, 1970 to a customer in Västerås, Sweden.

On May 5, 2019, the boat was launched in Ernemar harbor, Oskarsham, Sweden.

from 2013.
May 5 , 2019

Boat home port and start point for new boat trips. The boat has a maximum speed of about 25 knots and the march speed libs around 16-17 knots.